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Allure 2K16. A Cherished Experience.


The Interact Club of the Greenlawns High School Warden road had organized the annual interschool event, Allure 2K16. It was the most celebrated events of the year and THE MOST AWAITED ONE. With bated breath, we took our nervous contingent who were mesmerized by the grandeur and the glamour of it. They were in awe of the level and the scale of it. GHS had done a splendid job of organization and execution. They excelled in management skills, no other school could match up to. We were the amateurish kind,who were trying to prove to the world that we were there to WIN. Our Principal Ms Sangeeta Thacker and our teachers showed faith in us, when we were sloppy we were reminded of our goal. Ms Sangeeta was the one to push us to give our best and we wanted to do it, as if our LIFE depended on it. For those two weeks we ate, slept, drank and woke up to the chimes of ‘ALLURE-2K16’.

The rigorous practice schedules had begun, since 3 weeks and thenthe D-Day had arrived. It was the 16th of July and a crowd of children, all excited and nervous at the same time, waited at the Breach Candy School. Among this anxious crowd, were us, the most enthusiastic yet most scared students, of Greenlawns Worli. We knew we had to prove ourselves and especially for the 10th graders, it was the most prestigious event being their last one. Our sister school was hosting the event making it even bigger an opportunity to win the event. But the guidance of our teachers made us turn our nervousness into energy and strive to win the competition. The first day passed with a lot of fun and children like us ran around to support their school in different events and help them win. My favourite moment of day 1 would undoubtedly be that moment when I realized that I was the best and had stood 1st in my event (Suits). This boosted our school’s morale and we went about to win many more events that day. We also stood 2nd in “Music Mania” (Music Quiz) and “Goooal” (Fifa 16) on the very same day. These anxious children then head towards their houses because they knew another 3 days were left!!

Then came day 2. We were not nervous any more. The scoreboard after day 1 had been put up and for the first time in the history of our school, we were on top of the table! Our spirits were lifted. All the tired faces had been converted to happy ones. Whoever said energy could not be created had not seen the difference in us till then. Day 2 had now begun. We sailed through the events. The best part being, we performed for our school. This day went even better. We won 3rd place in “Don’t Let Me Down” (Advertisment), 2nd in “Allure Open 2k16” (Foot- Tennis), “Impersonation” (Mimicry), and 1st place in Ingenuity (An event testing your quick wit)

These 2 days left us elated but then arrived the BIG DADDIES, Day 3 & 4. These were held at the Sophia Bhabha Auditorium. We had our JAM event in which I stood third. Then came the dreadful personality contest. We had round 1 that day which was the talent round. The small but deep river of talent of the Greenlawners were shown that day which got all of us qualified for day 4.

Day 4 was nail-biting. We were still on top of the table but were tied for 1st place with the defending champions, Lilavatibai Poddar. Both schools had performed extremely well but only one was to be crowned the winner. First came up “Shake it like Shammi” (Dance Event), in which their school had performed well but our school set fire to the dancefloor, or as they say, slayed it. We stood 2nd in that competiton and had overtaken Poddar! Now all that was left was the personality contest. The first round was the ramp walk. 3 out of 4 from our school had qualified to the next round. Now came the challenge round. With hardly 10 minutes to prepare, we had to give a 1 minute speech on a person who influenced us. With about a 1000 people looking at us, all 3 of our school participants spoke our way through to the next round. Then came the final round, the Viva round. Each person was asked just 1 question on which their fate depended whether they would be Mr. or Ms. Allure. The Sophia auditorium was filled to the brim. The reassuring glances and confidence of our Principal, saw us going ahead in leaps and bounds. We could hear the pounding of our hearts as we took the stage. We were the fortunate ones whose Principal had put in her heart and soul, her undying spirit and the ‘Never Give Up’ attitude in us.

When the results of the personality contest came out, we were super excited, for our school had provided Allure with Ms. Allure and Mr. Talented. Then came the moment we all were waiting for, the overall result. Our heart beats became fast, St. John’s was given the 3rd place, our hearts beat increased, Lilavatbai Poddarstood second.The electric mood was contagious, we caught on to the EUPHORIA and there was no looking back.

A series of events saw us stepping closer to our goal and Lo behold! We Stood First and WON THE COVETED TROPHY!!

Harsh Sahgal,

Std:X (Headboy)

Greenlawns School, Worli


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Our very own poet laureate has composed the following lines:


An annual affair of grandeur,

Above all the others those are simply mere.

Let’s put the medal on the pedal in top gear,

For we are in it to win it, we have no one to fear.

The event will deal with all round development,

Take thee to the pinnacle of skill and impromptu arrangement.

Investment in points will decide the winning contingent,

Do it wisely, your school may always not be the most efficient.

Beg, borrow, steal, scavenge to achieve,

For success, logic and law practice will have to be refined through a sieve.

Suit up and get ready for what will follow,

For it all needs to be won or it is in the gallows.

Tie your strength and heart with determined ropes,

Pull it with bravery; don’t give up your hope.

Do your best adorning the glass,

For you are the classes, separated from the masses.

Skilfully jot down the story of my life,

And take her, the trophy home after a long drawn strife.

We will prove you wrong if you think you know dance like the back of your hand,

Surprise, surprise, we do so well we set a victorious trend.

Mimic like the champions,

For you will be one with them.

Twist the thirty, put in your blood, sweat and tears,

You can achieve it with all your peers.

Carve it like a professional expert,

Display your dribbling skills at the open 2K16.

Beat the Beatles, leave behind Imagine Dragons,

Move in one direction that is of ultimate success.

Shake your hips like the master Shammi,

Walk the ramp like you’re a descendant of the Snyder family.

Showcase your talent in the event that is regal and at heart pure,

Earn your position and make history at “Allure”.

Manan Parekh

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Naman Jain, Nishid Fagania, Kunal Tiwari and Abhay Maroo participated in EXPISCOR 2015, an Inter-School Science Exhibition cum workshop organized by Vissanji Academy in association with Nehru Science Centre and Tata Institute of Fundamental Research on Saturday, 5th December 2015. It aimed to encourage budding scientists among school children. The exhibition provided ample exposure and inculcated scientific enquiry among the students.

Yash  Talreja  represented  Greenlawns  School, Worli  and  kept  our  school's winning  streak  alive  in  a  techno-centric  essay  writing  competition,  by penning  a  winning  essay  about  ‘A WORLD WITHOUT TV, INTERNET AND MOBILE PHONES’  and  was  felicitated  with  a  certificate  and  a scholarship  of  Rs. 50,000  by  the  Indian  boxer  Vijendra  Singh  organized  by Hindustan  Times.

Aayushi Chedda from std. IX secured the runners up position at the Vogue competition held at the Y.C. Chavan auditorium by the students of the H.R. College. Here seen with Poonam Pandey who was the star judge of the night.

She also achieved the runners up position in the Speak out (Seniors) competition at ODYSSEY organised by Gregorious School on 23rd of July, 2011 by the ex-students of the Gregorian Alumini. ‘Odyssey’ is a festival of many competitions, covering all fields of interest of a student, such as, the dance competition, photography competition, the logical quizzes, speak outs etc.
She also secured the third place in the Speak Out competition in CHRYSALISS , organised by the Queen Mary School on the 25th of November on the topic ‘Bounteous Nature’


Tanish Parkar and Dev Talreja secured 1st place at the Interschool Fancy Dress Competition – Cascade at Jamnabai Narsee School on 3rd Sept, 2011 for their unique concept and outstanding performance. Here’s wishing them success for all their future endeavors. Three cheers to Greenlawns School, Worli!



Normal 0 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 She also achieved the runners up position in the Speak out (Seniors) competition at ODYSSEY organised by Gregorious School on 23rd of July, 2011 by the ex-students of the Gregorian Alumini. ‘Odyssey’ is a festival of many competitions, covering all fields of interest of a student, such as, the dance competition, photography competition, the logical quizzes, speak outs etc.